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October, Obamacare Opens

Today was my first run in 10 days and it felt awesome. I ran at MAF HR on a fairly flat dirt path. 7:37 pace. Mentally I needed some time off. Now I'm ready to start building a wicked large base for next season. The plan is to stick strictly to MAF. I will bump up the HR by 10 after a 6 weeks or so.

As many of you know the health care exchanges open tomorrow. If your doctor doesn't support your exercise or low carb, high fat, moderate protein ketogenic diet, this is a good chance to change insurance and doctors. Call it socialism if you want, but for me the removal of pre existing conditions is the best thing ever. Apparently a benign cyst on the medical record is considered a condition worthy of denying me coverage. As a result I've been unable to switch providers for the last 5 years. My provider is terrible, expensive, and my doctor does not like my keto-paleo diet.

If anyone is looking for an awesome Doc in the Denver area. I recommend Dr. Jeff Gerber.
Maybe soon I'll be able to switch to him.

-zoom zoom

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